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25 February 2013 @ 10:40 am
Two more 2012 poems by Mary: "Loaded Dice" and "Foresight"  
My husband noticed these two poems (Rhysling readers take note, he says) appear in the beautiful zine ILLUMEN, Autumn 2012.  The issue also has fantastic poems by Marge Simon, Selena Martens, Lyn Gardner, Megan Arkenberg, s.c. virtes, Sandi Leibowitz, Gary Every, Rone Wisten, Keith Sikora to name but a few, plus reviews by Richard Fay and Shelly Bryant.

He walks sidewalks, knowing he will step here on a
crack, there stumble on a clump of grass, tomorrow

he will get a job, next week knock up

his wife, the child will be ill-favored,

spiteful. She will grieve, but for
him there is no disillusion.
Gods such as he

know all but

can change


Loaded Dice

I mean, it was awfully convenient,
that he was always an outsider:
Jew among Nazis, foreigner among Americans.

Suspicious, when you think of it,
that he used his tie as a belt,
that he was so spiritual in a vague way—

God does not play dice—

like he never really belonged here.

Yet unlike with Diana and Elvis, nobody wanted
to beatify him, maybe because he didn’t die young.

Suppose the whole light-speed limit was a ruse,
a way of keeping us here in the solar system.

He had to invent a whole improbable physics
to go with that: light beams bending, time warping.

Do you really believe that?

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Mary: garuda plus memaryturzillo on February 25th, 2013 03:44 pm (UTC)
Excuse capitals or lack thereof
I have no idea why my post pumps up the typeface of some of the poets' names and not others. No offense, please!

(Blame my clumsy fingers, one of which is bandaged to heal a cut from chopping onions.)