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A summary of most of what I published in 2016

Well, it's a bit late, but my Nebula/Hugo-eligible stories are:

"Seeds" Trajectories, ed. David Creek, Hydra Publications Goshen, KY 40026, 2016  (This is the story about robots carrying Kapera's and Nanoannie's personalities raising a flock of children from embryos on an exoplanet)

"The Other One" Journalstone 2016  This is the one about the conjoined twin who murders his conjoined brother.

Stories appearing for the first time in Bonsai Babies:

"Crawl Space" Family move into a house where a young woman is trapped in the walls.

"Black Widow" Woman assuages grief over departed fiancé by eating hugely until she becomes a black hole.

""My Vegetable Love," Woman has career as a regenerating crudite platter; flirts with the Charcuterie guy

"Skin Rider," Infernal tattoo takes over woman's mind.

"the Child Inside," Boy is possessed by Infant of Prague; grows up to be a vampire cardiologist.

These were all in Bonsai Babies, Omnium Gatherum, October 2016.

Rhysling-eligible poems.

I had a haibun in Bonsai Babies, "Rebirth," about Phoolan Devi, Indian gangster leader/heroine reincarnated as a chili pepper.

and :  "Obsequies" Ohio Poetry Day: Best of 2016, October 2016.

There was some other stuff, but this is the most significant, I think.

Tags: bonsai babies, extravagant funerals, generation starship story, haibun, hugo, literary horror, nebula, phoolan devi, rhysling
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