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maryturzillo's Journal

Mary Turzillo's “Mars Is no Place for Children” won the 1999 Nebula, and An Old-Fashioned Martian Girl, her first novel, appeared in Analog. Among other magazines, Asimov's, F& SF, Interzone, SF Age, Weird Tales, Oceans of the Mind, Electric Velocipede, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Goblin Fruit, and Strange Horizons have published/will soon publish her fiction and poetry. Her story “Scout” is slated for publication in George Scithers’ cool new magazine Cat Tales. Your Cat & Other Space Aliens, appeared from vanZeno press this August. Her longer stories Ewaipanoma (Sam’s Dot, ed.Tyree Campbell) and American Portmanteau Theater (Scrybe Press, ed. Nathaniel Barker) will appear as chapbooks in 2008. She is working on Dragon Soup, a splendid collaboration of poetry, art, and fiction with award-winning artist/writer Marge Simon. Heart's Journey, Mars Quest, a novel about the adventures of Marcus and Zora Smithe (parents of her plucky Martian girl hero Kapera) is in the works.

An Emeritus Professor at Kent State University, she founded Cajun Sushi Hamsters and has taught in NASA's Science through Arts. Her favorite people include her son, Jack Brizzi, Jr., and her husband, writer-scientist Geoffrey A. Landis.

Geoff and Mary have two cats: Lurker At The Threshold and Mahasamatman-But-His-Friends-Call-Him-Sam. The cats claim that her fascination with the color turquoise is evidence of a forgotten alien abduction.
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